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Anglo Indian Menu 1

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The Indianized version of continental food can trace its origins to the settling of the Europeans in India. Over the centuries, it has absorbed local influences and has developed into a distinctive cuisine.

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Anglo Indian Menu 1 by PlotaParty

• Cold Tomato Soup

Main meal
• Crumb Fried Fish with Potato Chips/Crumb Fried Paneer with Potato Chips ( Vegetarian Option)
• Chicken Mayonnaise/ Vegetable salad (Vegetarian Option)
• Meat Pie/Soya Keema Pie (Vegetarian Option)
• Stir Fried Carrots and Beans
• Melon and Cucumber Salad in White Wine Dressing
• Dinner Rolls, Garlic Bread /Butter

• Crepes in Orange Sauce
• Chocolate Pudding

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